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The high desert town of Carefree is unique in all the world with more artists, entrepreneurs and former executives per square inch than any other town in the USA. The Carefree Institute harnesses the power of this creativity and talent to reinvigorate Carefree and make it a world class destination as well as a wonderful place to live, work and explore. 


The Carefree Institute is an independent think tank of passionate local retailers, residents, entrepreneurs, artists and architects who are committed to creating a community that is both a vibrant destination and wonderful place to call home. 


The Carefree Institute meets regularly to spark ideas and draft White Papers which are submitted for consideration to the Mayor, Town Council, Developers, Retailers, Restauranteurs, Businesses, Investors, Realtors and Residents. 




  • Small Business Innovators

  • Community 

  • Culture

  • Design 

  • Development

  • Sustainability 

  • Health 

  • Nature 

  • Philanthropy 

  • Marketing




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